Toaden March 2015

Scott (Toaden K) Maiale is a videographer, Youtuber, writer, filmmaker, audio/visual specialist, teacher, and all around geek when it comes to social media and traditional media. Youtube videos range from reviewing and vlogging about equipment, tips, and tricks to covering many events from comic cons to zombies. Toaden also hosts (and have hosted) podcasts. Current podcast is Media Litter Sandwich.

Toaden K (real name Scott Maiale)  Born and raised near Detroit Michigan.  He joined the Marine Corps immediately after High School.  After leaving active duty in 2005 Toad worked a factory job until he started attending to school at Specs Howard’s School of Broadcast Arts in 2007 for.  In 2008 after being laid off of a radio job in Detroit, Toad went back to school for his Bachelor’s Degree in Media Communication at Lawrence Tech University (graduated in 2012).  While a student at LTU Scott worked int eh Media Services department and done several internships including working MCCI and Plymouth Rock Productions. In 2010 the Toad K Youtube channel started gaining support and as of October 2015 the Youtube channel has around 25,000 subscribers and over 16-million views.  Scott taught at Lawrence Tech University (Ast. Teacher) for 3 years and has worked as a freelance videographer.  He currently works a day job as an Audio/Visual Specialist for a large company in Detroit Michigan and still puts out a YouTube video every Monday on his channel.




Youtube: www.youtube.com/Toadenk
Twitter: https://twitter.com/toadenk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Toaden
Media Litter Sandwich



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